As we face a new reality and the coronavirus forces us to live separate lives, The LevTech Entrepreneurship Center is using this crisis to bring people together. Our new program TAKE ACTION recruits students, alumni and faculty of The Jerusalem College of Technology – Lev Academic Center, along with industry partners, to develop technological and social solutions to help vulnerable populations affected by the crisis. We strive to build viable solutions as to the challenges presented to us by Israel’s social, emergency services and other sectors.

Some of examples of what our students have accomplished in the past

News and Updates

Hundreds of students, graduates and faculty have already registered to volunteer and work on the challenges presented by non-profits who are desperate for solutions.
200+ have volunteered to take First Responder and call center courses in a partnership between LevTech and the Magen David Adom ambulance service.
Website-building company Wix has partnered with TAKE ACTION to create ARTISTS TAKE ACTION - a special site for artists and entertainers who are willing to provide free interactive shows for children with disabilities, the sick, the elderly and the general public.
Amazon Web Services has partnered with TAKE ACTION to provide cloud services for the tech solutions developed for non-profits serving vulnerable populations.

How can you help?


JCT Students, Graduates and Faculty Click here.

Mentors Are you an expert in software and hardware engineering or tech product development? We would love to hear from you here.

Musicians, Artists, Entertainers Do you want to bring cheer and respite to the elderly, the sick, or children with disabilities? Register here and volunteer to join us remotely in live, interactive programs.

Fund tech solutions for social service organIzations serving vulnerable populations. Click here.


Below is our current list of challenges.  This list is updated daily as we are continually receiving new challenges from the social and medical sector. The updated list is available in Hebrew here.

Magen David Adom – Smart Coronavirus test kits

Seeking ways to improve the testing process of potentially infected people, while at the same time protect the medical staff who perform these tests. Create a self-administered test that keeps the MDA representative entirely away from the patient, and allows the MDA representative to instruct the patient via video chat.

Magen David Adom – Data gathering from people in quarantine.

Allow the public to report into MDA information about their health situation, personal needs, daily routines, and more so that help can be provided.

Magen David Adom – Automated Corona Testing.

Israel is creating “drive-through” corona testing locations. This could significantly improve the corona testing process in terms of time needed to test each patient and unnecessary exposure for the medical professionals.

Melabev – Seeking a web-based app to help those affected with Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Melabev – Seeking a platform to support online activities between Melabev clients with Alzheimer’s and dementia and volunteers.


Melabev – Seeking a solution to manage online visitations times to clients who may be home alone. Family members and friends can easily see which time slots are available and ‘book’ a time to virtually visit.


Shalva – Seeking an online virtual care center for children with special needs.

Children and their families, who can no longer leave the house due to quarantine, can still maintain live interaction with their caregivers and counsellors.

Ezer Mizion – Seeking an interface to help the 11,000 volunteers in 38 cities manage the requests from the elderly or sick who rely on the help of Ezer Mizion.


Zichron Menachem –Seeking a user-friendly, streamlined method for recruitment, coordination and tracking of blood and platelet donations and appointments.


MDA – Seeking volunteers for First Responders and Call Center.


Shagririm BaLev – Seeking virtual reality or other solutions to enable people to date during times of isolation.


LevTech / Shalva / Melabev

Seeking to create tech bridges between artists, musicians and entertainers and populations who would benefit from these services, in particular, Shalva for children with special needs and Melabev who works with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

LevTech – Seeking creative ideas on how to help during the time of the Corona crisis. Upload your own challenge that you’re working on.

You can help, too! Help us produce tech solutions for social service organizations who need them to continue serving vulnerable populations.
Please click on the country for which you need a tax receipt. Please indicate that your donation should be designated to the TAKE ACTION campaign.

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